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We're bring the energy, the vibes, and the unforgettable moments to your event. Our team of exceptional DJs, Karaoke DJs, dynamic MCs, and charismatic hosts are here to take your event to the next level.  With a wealth of experience, our professionals excels at connecting and energizing the crowd. Whatever your event, our skilled team is dedicated to making it an unforgettable, engaging, and sensational night to remember!

DJ Service

Seeking out reputable DJs in NYC should be a straightforward and dependable experience. Finding the right DJ for your event can make it come alive with the right choice and mix of music at the right time!
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DJ Service



This package is perfect for those who are equipped with the audio gear and just solely need a DJ to make their party and absolute success.

  • 4 hours of professional DJ service

  • DJ controller / mixer

  • Laptop

  • Inclusive of delivery & travel expense within 10miles

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DJ Service + Sound System



If you're looking for a sound system and a DJ to set the perfect atmosphere and energy at any event, this package is ideal for you.

  • 4 hours of professional DJ service

  • Dj controller / mixer

  • PA system (amp + 2 mics + 2 standard speakers)

  • Delivery set-up and pick up

Karaoke DJ Combo

Make your party plans include a blend of singing karaoke songs and DJ party dance tunes. Our Karaoke Dj can provide background music for your event, manage requests for karaoke songs, keep the vibe of the crowd or get your guests up and dancing.
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Karaoke DJ



This package is perfect for those who are equipped with the audio gear and just solely need a DJ to make their party and absolute success.

  • 4 Hours of rental
    A service of professional Dj
    A complete professional DJ setup
    Healsonic Karaoke PC
    Over 50,000 karaoke tracks
    2 Shure wireless microphones2
    4" Monitor + 4' stand
    2 powered speakers
    iPad interface
    Delivery set-up and pick up

MC |Host

A good emcee or host can expertly steer the event's flow, keep your party rolling, Maintain a good vibes, and smoothly deal with any unexpected hiccups, all while ensuring the audience stays engaged.
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Event/Party MC | Event Host



  • 4 Hours of MC | Host
    Inclusive travel expense
    > Extension Hourly Rate is $125

Events we cater:

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We're passionate about making every private party an unforgettable experience. With our team of skilled DJs, Karaoke DJ, lively Event MCs, and charismatic event hosts, we take pride in crafting an atmosphere where guests can truly unwind, have a blast, and forge cherished memories with their loved ones. It's our commitment to guarantee that your private event becomes a resounding success, ensuring an incredible time for everyone involved.
Wedding Services at Porcci NYC
For your wedding event or post-wedding party, our team of talented DJs, karaoke DJs, MCs, and event hosts is poised to transform it into a resounding success. Our DJs curate the perfect soundtrack, Karaoke DJs bring the fun, MCs keep the energy high, and hosts add a personal touch. Together, we create an unforgettable atmosphere where guests relax, celebrate, and craft lasting memories. It's our commitment to ensure your wedding event or after-party is an absolute triumph, leaving you with cherished moments and smiles all around.
Cake at Birthday Party at Porcci NYC
Our team of talented DJs, Karaoke DJ, Event MCs, and Event hosts ensures non-stop entertainment and a seamless flow of activities. With carefully curated music, engaging Karaoke sessions, dynamic event coordination, and personalized hosting, guests can relax, participate, and create lasting memories. We take the stress out of event planning, ensuring everyone has a fantastic time.
Corporate Event at Porcci NYC
We understand the unique requirements of corporate gatherings and offer a seamless blend of professionalism and entertainment. Our team of experienced DJs, karaoke DJs, polished MCs, and adept event hosts ensures your event is not only flawlessly executed but also engaging and memorable. We prioritize customization, aligning our services with your corporate objectives and culture, and creating an experience that reflects your brand identity. With meticulous planning and a touch of creativity, we stand out by making corporate events both productive and enjoyable, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

Why Choose Us


We have never missed a single event, ever. Your event is not just another day on the calendar for us, we take it as seriously as you do. Our professionalism has led us to be one of the most reputable Events Services and Equipment Rental Provider. We have NEVER canceled on a client.


Our team excels in versatility and flexibility. Whether it's our DJs crafting custom playlists to suit your event's vibe, Karaoke DJs adapting to diverse song preferences, MCs smoothly navigating unexpected changes, or hosts tailoring activities to engage any audience, we seamlessly adapt to make your event a resounding success.


Quality service is our hallmark in every facet of our entertainment offerings. Our exceptional team of DJs, Karaoke DJs, vibrant MCs, and engaging event hosts is dedicated to delivering top-quality service. We thrive on creating unforgettable experiences, seamlessly blending professionalism with entertainment. With a passion for excellence, we ensure your event is nothing less than extraordinary, leaving lasting memories for all.


Our commitment to excellence is evident in our professional setup and top-tier equipment. Our DJs, Karaoke DJs, MCs, and Hosts bring your event to life with crystal-clear sound, immersive lighting, and seamless visuals. We ensure every detail is impeccable, delivering an unforgettable experience for your guests.
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The Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

List of FAQ to help you for better understanding of our services.

What is a DJ Service?

A DJ Service provides a professional Disc Jockey who specializes in selecting and playing music at events. They curate playlists, blend songs seamlessly, and create the right ambiance to keep the crowd entertained.

What is an MC (Master of Ceremonies)?

An MC, or Master of Ceremonies, is a skilled presenter who hosts and guides an event. They introduce speakers, engage the audience, maintain the event's flow, and ensure everything runs smoothly.

What is a Host at an event?

A Host is an affable and engaging individual who adds a personal touch to an event. They interact with guests, conduct games, make announcements, and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

How does a DJ Service enhance an event?

A DJ Service elevates an event by providing a tailored musical experience. DJs read the crowd and select songs that match the mood, ensuring a lively and entertaining atmosphere.

What sets a Karaoke DJ apart from a regular DJ?

A Karaoke DJ stands out by specializing in Karaoke entertainment. They not only manage song selection but also assist guests in queuing songs for Karaoke sessions. On the other hand, a regular DJ focuses primarily on curating playlists, seamlessly blending songs, and crafting the perfect atmosphere to entertain the crowd at events.

How does an MC contribute to an event's success?

An MC plays a pivotal role in event coordination. They keep the audience engaged, make important announcements, introduce speakers, and ensure the event runs on schedule.

What qualities make for a great Host at an event?

A great Host is charismatic, approachable, and adaptable. They possess excellent communication skills, a sense of humor, and the ability to connect with the audience.

What types of events benefit from DJ Services?

DJ Services are ideal for weddings, parties, corporate events, and any occasion where music plays a significant role in setting the atmosphere.

When should I consider hiring a Karaoke DJ?

A Karaoke DJ is perfect for events where you want to add an interactive and entertaining element, such as birthdays, family gatherings, and casual parties.

What are the key responsibilities of an MC

An MC's responsibilities include welcoming guests, making introductions, setting the event's tone, ensuring smooth transitions, and engaging the audience.

How does a Host create a memorable event experience?

A Host creates a memorable experience by connecting with the audience, conducting engaging activities, and fostering a sense of camaraderie among guests.

Can a Karaoke DJ handle both DJing and Karaoke sessions during an event?

Yes, a Karaoke DJ is skilled in both DJing and Karaoke management, making them capable of seamlessly transitioning between the two.

What qualities should I look for in a Host for my event?

Look for qualities like charisma, professionalism, adaptability, and the ability to engage diverse audiences. Previous experience in hosting similar events is also valuable.

Can a DJ also serve as an MC or Host for an event?

Yes, some DJs are experienced in MCing or hosting events. However, it's essential to discuss this with the DJ to ensure they can fulfill both roles effectively.

How does the presence of a Host affect the guest experience at an event?

A Host adds a personal and interactive element to the event. They engage guests, create a welcoming atmosphere, and facilitate games or activities that enhance the overall experience.

Are DJ Services customizable to suit specific music preferences or themes for an event?

Yes, DJ Services can be tailored to match your preferred music genres and themes, ensuring a cohesive and enjoyable musical experience.

How does an MC adapt to unexpected situations or changes during an event?

An experienced MC is skilled at improvisation and can smoothly adapt to unforeseen changes, ensuring the event remains on track.

What types of music genres can a DJ play to cater to diverse audience preferences?

DJs can play a wide range of music genres, including pop, rock, hip-hop, electronic, jazz, and more, to accommodate diverse audience tastes.

How does a Karaoke DJ handle song requests from participants during Karaoke sessions?

Karaoke DJs manage song requests by queuing up requested songs and displaying lyrics for participants to sing along.

What role does a DJ play in creating a dance floor atmosphere at events?

DJs use music selection, beat mixing, and energy management to create an inviting dance floor atmosphere that encourages guests to dance and have fun.

Can an MC assist in coordinating and introducing speakers or presenters during a corporate event?

Yes, an MC is instrumental in introducing speakers, presenters, and program segments to ensure a smooth and professional corporate event.

Are Hosts trained to engage with diverse audiences, including children and adults, at family events?

Yes, Hosts are trained to adapt their interaction style and activities to engage both children and adults, ensuring everyone enjoys the family event.

What is the typical duration of DJ Services, Karaoke DJ sessions, MCing, and hosting for events?

Our standard duration for DJ Services, Karaoke DJ sessions, MCing, and hosting is 4 hours. Please note that extension fees may apply if you require additional time. Additionally, during the super peak season of events in December, different rates may apply. Please discuss your specific event needs with us for accurate pricing.

How do I communicate my specific music preferences to a DJ for my event?

You can provide a list of preferred songs, genres, and any special requests to the DJ before the event to ensure your music preferences are included.

Can a DJ provide specialized lighting or visual effects to enhance the event's atmosphere?

Absolutely! In addition to our DJ service, we offer a range of captivating lighting and visual effects options that perfectly complement the music. Explore our website's dedicated page to discover our diverse packages suitable for both intimate gatherings and large-scale parties.

Do Karaoke DJs provide a catalog of available songs for participants to choose from during Karaoke sessions?

Absolutely! Karaoke DJs usually offer an extensive digital song catalog that allows guests to preview and select their preferred songs in advance, enabling them to plan their song list. For those who prefer the classic experience, physical song catalogs akin to traditional karaoke setups are also available upon request.

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