Need An Awesome Live Band?

Give your guests the gift of live music.

What kind of music?

Porcci NYC is connected with many of New York City's top private event musicians, including local bands, groups, DJs, and solo acts. Tell us what you're in to, and we'll find it! Looking for a specific performer? We'll use our deep industry connections to get them booked!

" I don't know what kind of music I want! "

No problem! Reach out and let us learn more about your upcoming event! We work with a wide variety of live performers in New York, so there’s something for everyone! With lots of experience providing services for events of all types, we'd like to think we're pretty good at figuring out what your event needs! Some of our Live Music partners specialize in performing at events like Weddings, Corporate Events, Just-for-fun Parties, & more!

Can’t decide between live music and a DJ? Get both!

If you aren’t sure whether you want to hire a musician for a party or a DJ, we have good news for you- you can have both! Depending on the event, we can help you book multiple performers, musicians, DJs, and other entertainment professionals so you have the exact vibe you are looking for throughout the night.

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