Need Awesome Event Staff?

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What kind of staffing can you facilitate?

Porcci specializes in providing comprehensive temporary staffing solutions for events. Our experienced team offers a wide range of services, including receptionists, guest greeters, skilled mixologists, professional bartenders, efficient servers, reliable security personnel, and much more. With our dedicated staff by your side, you can ensure that your event runs smoothly and successfully, regardless of its size or complexity. Say goodbye to the stress of understaffing and let Porcci take care of all your event staffing needs.

How does Porcci differ from other NYC staffing agencies?

Porcci isn’t just a staffing agency; we’re a full-service event coordinator. This means we take your entire event into account, not just the type of positions you are looking to fill. Whether you need corporate staffing or staff for a wedding, we will match you with individuals who meet your needs. What’s more, we can staff for any position you need filled. While other agencies may stop at servers and hosts, we can supply much more.Get in touch to day to see what we offer.

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