Need An Awesome Videographer?

Capture your memorable moment in action. Videography from your conferences, events, wedding, parties and more.

Who will shoot my event?

Porcci is partnered with some of NYC's top event videographers! We understand that wedding videographers have a different set of skills than someone who takes videos at corporate events. Depending on the event type, we'll pair you with a videographer experienced in that field.

How long does it take to get my video?

Depending on your need, video can be available as soon as next day! Before scheduling a videographer, we'll make sure to establish timelines for deliverables - as well as manage any other expectation.

What can I expect my video to look like?

Every event is different, but you can expect your video to capture the essence of your event while also highlight any important moments. When you book a videographer in NYC with Porcci, we’ll make sure they know your expectations and the moments you want captured.  
For example, if you are creating a wedding video, you may want clear, close-up videos of the speeches, the first dance, and the cake cutting, as well as well wishes from guests, reaction shots of the bride, and other scenes. If you are filming a conference, a corporate events videographer will be able to capture the speeches, awards ceremony, short interviews, and anything else that captures the events of the day.

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